ekaggrat | tamil nadu assembly
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tamil nadu assembly

About This Project


The legislature of Tamil Nadu needed a new assembly complex for their functioning resulting in a design competition for the building. The competition invited 25 firms including burt hill to showcase a unique building for the assembly complex. Another criteria for the building besides the varied and complex program was to integrate the rich heritage of tamli nadu into the built form.

We ended up presenting 2 design schemes of which this is one. This scheme tried to abstract the traditional elements of south Indian temples and incorporated it into the built form. The overall master plan was also laid out to be more formal and straight forward. The entire plinth of the building was raised to 5.5 meters to give it a more grand appearance.

The design team consisted of 4 architects including me .My role in the competition was from designing the scheme to complete presentation including 3d modeling and rendering..


Design team : #Ekaggrat singh KalsiĀ  #Bhrugu gandadia