ekaggrat | jindal 2004
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jindal 2004

About This Project

..The joy of making paper pops lead us to explore a system that could provide us with multiplicity of possibilities. The basic principle of pop ups, folding-unfolding got transformed into a system of a
form-shifting panel, which could be executed in a real life situation. The basic principle that has been worked out can be applied in various situations by changing the scale, size and number of elements in the panel. Hence in one scale it is a interior element which can transform into furniture, a niche wall etc.. At another scale it could be used as a external skin to a built form which can change its form and creates a play of light and shadows. At yet another scale it could become a toy, a form shifting sculpture etc. The advantage of using stainless steel for the panel is that it gives a clean, durable product and the material itself becomes the finish.


design team : #Ekaggrat singh Kalsi  #Darshan soni


January 06, 2004


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