ekaggrat | X-pane
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About This Project


The inspiration behind the X-pane is a toy learnt in the craft class in school. The toy is a very simple contraption that can change the hinge from which it rotates. This simple idea of flipping the hinge allows to create various formations.

Using this potent idea of flipping hinge a set of exhibition panels (X-pane) was conceived. This gives the panels to form endless compositions of plains. A exhibit is always related to the way it is exhibited. The X-pane allows this flexibility of appropriate formations. While exhibiting a few objects it is always required for the plan of the space to be changed rapidly from one form to another as per the requirement of the exhibit. The X-pane satisfies this requirement and gives the ability to change the plan as and when required without dismantling anything.For this presentation a unit of six panel is used. The system allows to add more panels to satisfy various scales of exhibitions.

Design team : #Ekaggrat singh Kalsi, #Darshan Soni