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Sliced light

About This Project

Sliced light in color

This project is a extension to the project i had done before
I upgraded the project to do light painting in full color. I attached a 5mmRGB led to micro platform of my 3dr delta using a proper attachment. The RGB led is attached to the pins 4,5,6 on the ramps board. Also this time i wanted the camera to start and stop automatically as it is painful holding the shutter release button for a ful 4 minutes . I attached the shutter release button to the ramps pin 11 using a opto isolator.
I got my daughter 3d scanned by a professional 3d service for the light painting. As i had got my camera automated i produced gcode for multiple angles of the same face model .So with 10 different angles i was able to make a rotating gif.

Also i wanted to make the painting also happen in real time in the video. Getting this done is a entire project in itself. I used a plugin for the free video editing app kdenlive.


The printer used is a 3dr delta built by me . These kinds of experiments can on be done on a delta printer as the print head is moving in all 3 axis rather than a Cartesian printer where the head is moving simultaneously only in 2 axis.

Image captures



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