ekaggrat | Scaffolding
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About This Project

The requirement of the client was to quickly build a temporary installation in the courtyard in front of the sales office to redefine the relationship between the site and the building and the environment, and to re-arrange the sequence of the functions . The client needed the building to be completely dismantled after a set time period. The building reflects a “lightness”; characteristic, which is in an interesting contrast with the heavy feeling embodied in the current building. Calvino said: “Lightness is in line with precision and firmness, not vagueness and randomness.”; Here, lightness means that the structural stress system is displayed more honestly, and the bearing capacity of the material is more efficiently utilized.The solution we think of is — scaffolding, the kind of standard scaffold that is used on all sites. Its features, such as light weight, quick disassembly, reusable, modular, etc., all respond well to”lightness”; and, of course, perfectly meet clients stringent requirements for project budgets and schedules. All we have to do is use this material to build a temporary structure that will allow it to exist lightly in the site and form a dialogue with the current environment so as to promote the improvement of the relationship between the various parts of the current environment. An
interesting idea emerged was to temporarily “disappear” the existing building, and the lightweight scaffolding device will temporarily replace its location and form a new interaction with the natural environment.


Role : Concept design , design development , site supervision

Team : Fu dong Ekaggrat singh Kalsi