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admiral mall

About This Project

The Admiral mall is located in the city of Nanning in south China. The mall being 10 years old needed a change of the entire facade. The client had a strange request of making the south facade look like a ship. This gave rise to the challenging facade which is made to look like a ship floating in water. The top of the facade is made up of reflective stainless panels and the bottom flowing
water is made out of triangles of glass and aluminum . The rear part of the ship is made to look like it is disintegrating. The complex shape of the facade was designed and modelled by me in Rhino using a lot of grasshopper scripts. After the model was approved I generated the drawings using a mix of grasshopper scripts and manual projection drawing. After a certain stage the model was transferred to the facade company to generate the shop drawings and construct it.


Role : Concept design, design development , preliminary construction documents